My road to blogging.

journeyFirstly, it is with utmost gratitude that I extend many thanks to you for taking interest in my blog and reading my FIRST post!!!

So 2013 was pregnancy year! Yes, a year because it really felt that long! 9 months do not go by very quickly when you’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of your precious little one, while experiencing the world of changes! (Physically, mentally, emotionally, socially…and the list goes on..)

School and work was put on hold as my loving partner decided it would be best for his two special people. What was I to do with all this new extra time?! Well, I spent some days sick and other working out, some eating like there was no tomorrow and others sleeping like I didn’t have a care in this world!!

Of course, not being out and about caused my social life to be restricted to none other than, facebook!

As the months went by, I found pleasure in updating my friends on what phase I was in, my new found love, new activities and of course because I had a lot of time on my hands to read and as we say in Trinidad, “maco” I often found myself voicing my opinions on many different issues as they caught my attention.

Determined to be the best for my baby, I educated myself to the max! Videos, articles, forums and blogs! Whatever the resource, I made the most of it! It was not long before the idea of blogging came to mind. Here I was subscribing to other pregnant women’s youtube channels and reading mummy blogs, following health and fitness mags and reading their blogs too! Why not start my own?? Of course I second guessed myself and pushed it aside thinking who was I fooling?

As I continued along my merry way, the posts became more frequent and carried a boost of insight from all of the reading and research I was doing. Lo and behold I caught some attention and some of my friends were even encouraged by my posts. And then when the thought of blogging was long gone, my cousin in-law put it out there….

yes start a lil blog. Serious ting. Call it Baby Mama Drama

Now, I wasn’t going to call it Baby Mama Drama when that wasn’t going to be the focus of my blog posts….knowing myself, I would blog about absolutely anything! So here was the idea again!! Motivation from the outside sparked the fire in me and I decided to go full out. Immediately reading about blogging, free sites and how to get started, I was ready to go until…..

The name!! Let’s just say that was the biggest challenge and hindrance! But I am proud to say that after almost 20 (I think) drafts being turned down by my new partner in crime and even by WordPress themselves! Impartial Me was born!! However, in all my excitement, customizing my blog and learning my way around my new online environment was competing with my 4 month old sweetheart, she wanted it to be her time! Sleep time was nowhere in her agenda and as my baby is number one, here I am at 1:26am (approximately 2 hours later) writing my first post!

All in all, I am happy to finally be here and I am ready to take you by storm!

Happy blogging to me! and many thanks in advance for your support!!

Much love!

Impartial Me.

P.S. Happy panda is celebrating with me! yay!!


2 thoughts on “My road to blogging.

  1. the_cousin_inlaw says:

    Im so happy that you started. The real work starts now I hope you know that. And lol at quoting me eh put me on blast with the Baby Mama Drama lol.


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