The early bird.

EarlyBirdIt’s been 4 months exactly since I’ve become a mother and the early morning thing is still yet to sit well with me.

I won’t say I’m not a morning person, I honestly don’t understand how people can be soooo moody at once because it’s morning (no offence). I once read a post;

There are morning people and then there are those that want to shoot morning people.

LOL! It’s funny but I still don’t get the extent of the grumpiness they have each morning. Straying a little more, are you a non-morning person?? Let me know how it feels to be grumpy every morning, does it get to you? or are you just used to it? LMK (Let Me Know)!

Anywayyyy, you would think that by now, after being in the work field and a student, that I would be used to this “rising before the sun/with it” pssshh! I still don’t know how my mum does this superwoman thing! But hey, that’s years of being mummy and everything else right?! Kudos to her and all the other supermoms out there!!

If it isn’t my daughter just randomly waking up at 6am after going to bed around 11pm, it’s an appointment we have. Today, it’s clinic! My sweetheart has her second set of vaccinations due today and if you know how public health care can be in Trinidad, being early is best or you’re going to be there till midday, hot, sweaty and cranky with a cranky baby! So my faithful Nokia (aka me2 in trini slag) woke me up at 5:30am as instructed providing me with an hour to organize myself and then a half hour for my munchkin, who of course had to be awaken! (the one time she doesn’t pest me with an early rise after a late touch down and I can’t enjoy the extra hours of sleep! sigh!)

But, the goal of leaving the house before 7am was not met as the most wonderful Dada, was not on time! Hence the time for a little morning post!

Fortunately, I have lots of time to get used to this early morning thing and as they say,

practice makes permanent

I will get there and earn more stripes in the supermom department! Till then, I’ll be dragging myself out of bed on these glorious days and it’s ok because it’s worth it!! All for my widdle munchkin!!!

Love Impartial Me!


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