I told you so

keep-calm-and-do-the-told-you-so-danceEver gave someone advice or told them your opinion on something and felt ignored or that person just didn’t meet your eye on the subject, only for the person to return sooner or later, repeating the exact thing only to repeat it as if they experienced some sort of epiphany and thought of it themselves!???!!

I’m not sure if it’s a male thing or goes both ways but too many times I’ve encountered this in my relationship.

Of course, after the first year or so of it, I stopped saying “ummm…I told you so.” and instead I say “Oh really?! That’s a great idea!”. Depending on how important it was to me or generally, it comes out in a very sarcastic tone.

However, after 3+ years, I expect it sooner or later and so there’s really no need to be sarcastic, I just go with the flow.

In life, you eventually realize that making a fuss over little things are a waste of energy. Three months after having my daughter I became less irritable on silly matters because my hands are too full to be adding extra UNNECESSARY weight.

Becoming a mom you realize that, unless the fuss is about your kid(s) or reallllly important issues, it isn’t worth it because you’re already turned on max while running on a low battery (however you manage to function rather efficiently leaving everyone to assume you’ve got way more battery power than you do).

Nevertheless, it is still annoying! I mean, it was your idea not theirs! What actually makes me tick is when they go around sharing their “epiphany” with others and receive the “oh that’s a great idea!!”, “yes, yes that makes sense” not to mention when you are in the same conversation or get called into it and people are like, “did you hear that, you should hear this….”  -_-  REALLY??

Guys, or people in general, pay more attention to who says what next time and give praise where needed. Meanwhile, gals or whoever faces this issue too, don’t get too overworked over it, in most cases it never stops! LOL good thing is, when it’s your partner, the love is there, who cares, once your opinion or advice makes it in the end FEEL INTELLIGENT! FEEL SATISFIED! 😀


❤ Impartial me.


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