Student, Teacher | The most influential person in my life

my_teacher_my_heroWhile browsing through my reader I saw the student, teacher writing challenge posted by The Daily Post and I just had to give it a read (after all, I am trying to build a better blog daily). Reading it sparked a fire in me and I just had to write.

I am currently in a relationship with someone I would describe as influential, smart, self-motivated, a critical thinker and much, much more! It’s been 3+ years and, as with any relationship, we constantly learn from one another in order to better ourselves as individuals and our relationship. But, it wasn’t always this way for I was first his student before I actively contributed teachings myself.

Before we met and much of my teenage life, I encountered many struggles, centering around my longing for a better relationship with my mom, reaching to lengths of low self-esteem, dependence on others for love and not understanding my self worth.

Not being able to get a hold of myself, I continued to fall, digging myself deeper into my own hole. Looking back I would never blame it on those who hurt me, but on myself for not taking charge and loving myself enough to stop the madness that was going on. After I hit rock bottom and finally had enough, I decided to really make a stronger effort to make my life better through learning to love myself and be happy by myself.

I took up different hobbies and started to live as though I was in a relationship with myself. It wasn’t perfect all at once of course, I did have mishaps from entertaining the wrong people by making poor judgement; I wasn’t going to get better, on my own, overnight but I was trying..hard this time.

In the midst of recently beginning this new journey, my new found love for football lead me to an individual by word of mouth. We began interacting and he developed an interest in me beyond football and so our dating story began.

When we were eventually in a relationship, learning more and more about each other, I exposed myself, my past and all the flaws and insecurities I carried and were currently trying to fix on my own. Unexpectedly, I had found the right guy….I was lead to the right place, he is who I would call a real man and very genuine.

It was a rough journey but he taught me (sometimes in militant styles, which I needed for greater push and to face the realities of my situation) to love myself, to be smart in life – things beyond common sense/advance common sense as I would call it -, he basically drilled into me the survival kit for every female out here in the world we live in today. He pulled me out of my self-dug hole, I saw the blue skies and bright sun that I had been missing and needing.

He found me.

Now, I am not worshiping a man, but God had sent my angel.

I learnt, sometimes the hard way but I learnt and he was my teacher, my mentor, my best friend, my brother, my father and even my mother…the very person I longed for in the first place.

Whether it be making money, motivating myself, taking an active role to learn about my surroundings and my body (yes my body) and taking care of myself, learning how to trust and when to trust, etc, etc, he taught it to me.

He taught me what love really is and how a healthy relationship should be (with your partner and yourself). He was and is the only man who loved me like God loved me, genuinely and pure, without condition and beyond borders…intimately.

21 years and counting, he, is the most influential person in my life.

Of course he isn’t perfect and neither am I, no one is. But he is my perfect! And now as we continue to grow and teach and learn from each other, we have become teachers of our little girl and will continue to strive to be the best for ourselves, each other and her.

I am proud to call him my other half and the best dad ever.

My love. My life. My everything. (Right next to my daughter and they both fall under God most importantly)



10 thoughts on “Student, Teacher | The most influential person in my life

  1. Nicolette Ochoa says:

    Im glad you have found ur “angel” and I too can relate to ur past experiences for I think alot of us go through those phases in life but it’s only through maturity that we come to recognize that they have all shaped and built us into the person we are …and I know ur n john will continue to grow into great person to myha…so keep up the gd work lauriepoulorie

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  2. This was an awesome insight into the real world where you go through many phases and that all are not “rainbows and butterflies” are they are presumed to be in the beginning but they can better prepare you for when your reach your goals and help you truly appreciate finding your happiness in the end

    Liked by 1 person

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