Y.O.L.O – You Only Live Once

yolo (1)I think by now we’re all familiar with this phrase. Is this your motto?

As a young person I only want best for my generation and those to come and this is why many behaviors surrounding this “motto” concerns me.

Sadly, even with all the good, we must admit that this has become the generation of endless partying, recklessness and early deaths. Money, money, sex, alcohol, more money….

Why are we wasting our lives and becoming a generation of ignorance? What do we portray to the future generations?

We foolishly follow the words of artistes and don’t realize that all they’re doing is laughing at us and making money on our heads.

I know of a handful of people (as little as it sounds it shouldn’t even have any), and I’m sure there’s more, who waste their parents money at university or where ever because all they do is party every weekend and fail numerous exams. They’re watching people graduate while they just remain stuck and don’t seem to care because the drinking, smoking and partying is oh too sweet!

Many of you don’t even have jobs and even if you do, all your money is funding your lifestyle instead of your future!

Ever notice that university students are the target market for parties? Free entry or half price or free drinks….why? Because we’re not as smart as we think we are!

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy yourself and party etc, just be moderate and invest more into your future instead. Every party is almost the same…music..people…alcohol. Yet we spend money on tickets, outfits and drinks almost every weekend. Where is it taking you?

1779184_224821051042923_49613020_nToo many young people end up living for payday and spend years funding loans not even holding assets to their name or just wasting away in drunkenness.

It’s now a status when you can pose with an expensive bottle of alcohol. We need to understand that Drake and they are making millions and can afford to waste on whatever they like because they are already where they want to be.

Ask yourself, are you making millions? Are you where you ultimately want to be in life?!

Parties, drugs and alcohol are the money makers now and the rich are making off of the foolish.

yoloYOLO can be your motto but let it carry a more valuable meaning. Because we only live once we must make the most of it, positively. We must strive to be our best and live the best life we can for ourselves and the future generations.

YOLO backwards is Only Losers Obey Yolo.

Even the Urban dictionary says it as it is. Check it out and see how much you would be yolo-ing after!

Don’t know what a word means and still using it? That’s foolishness and as I said the rich live off of the foolish!



2 thoughts on “Y.O.L.O – You Only Live Once

  1. There are no words to express how much I love this. I got all paranoid when I first read the title that you were going to advocate for the inane usage and lifestyle of this term, but I was happily mistaken! I think you may have inspired a future blog post for me! =]

    Liked by 1 person

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