Cartoons of the 21st century – Cartoon Network

Does anyone else agree that our favorite channels have changed for the worst?

Do you find yourself questioning what you’re really looking at when you’re watching cartoons these days?

Is it safe to say that the 90’s was the last century of good entertaining cartoons?

In my childhood I didn’t have cable TV very early but when we got hooked up I enjoyed looking at Cartoon Network and Disney channel. It saddens me now to sit and watch these channels and see what they have become. Here, I will cover Cartoon Network and four of their tv shows (there are many more that I can’t stand and deem ridiculous comic that is definitely not healthy for kids).

The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange


In my opinion this deserves first place for THE most annoying, ridiculous and VERY noneducational in every way!

The live-action/animated TV series is based on the characters from a popular web series The Annoying Orange created by Dane Boedigheimer. Apparently the Fruit and it’s friends live on a fruit stand in a supermarket where only one human can communicate with the orange. The episodes showcase the misadventures of the fruit as they face evil zombie vegetables, alien broccoli, various movie and TV show parodies and other weird characters. (Wikipedia)

In my opinion, the series lives up to its name, ANNOYING. With no sort of point or lesson, for all we know, it could be encouraging mindlessness in those who look at it. What does a show like that teach our kids??? I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen the web series but this hasn’t caught my attention enough and I’m not sorry…

 Uncle Grandpa

uncle grandpa

 Once again, the name says it all….

Created by Peter Browngardt based on his animated short and is a spin-off  of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. In this animated series, Uncle Grandpa is uncle and grandfather to everyone in the world and each episode he visits a child’s house to check up on them and fix their problems through “chaotic and surreal misadventures”. Let’s not forget he lives in an RV with a red talking fanny pack, an anthropomorphic dinosaur, a cutout of a tiger and a talking slice of Pizza. (Wikipedia)

-_- First of all, let me just say, why would I encourage my child to look at the story of someone who is everyone’s uncle and grandfather in one??? So what if my child asks me to explain that logic??? Because clearly that would be something like their mothers’ brothers slept with their grandmother, to produce their mother and thus became both uncle and grandfather….WHAT?!!!

You may say it’s just a cartoon and I’m over-thinking it but even when you bypass the logic behind the name, the episodes are just full of nonsensical behaviors!! I can’t stand to sit and watch it, 3 minutes in and I’m disturbed…….

 Adventure Time

adventure time

Adventure time was created by Pendleton Ward. The series follows the adventures of Finn, a human boy, and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake, a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. Living in the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo they interact with many of the main characters for day to day adventures. This is also based on a short that became a hit and was inspired by the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons. (Wikipedia)

Now, I would admit, I was able to tolerate some of these episodes but how to people come up with these things?!!! Finn’s “brother” and best friend is a dog with powers who has a girlfriend that’s a sort of unicorn named Lady Rainicorn :/ who speaks a language very far from English. The characters in this series will have you stumped and a lot of the episodes leave me thinking, “What the hell did I just look at??!”. I really think that a cartoon should leave me entertained and probably teach me a little lesson from time to time instead of confused or disturbed.

Regular Show


This one was created by J.G. Quintel and revolves around two friends, a Blue Jay and a racoon who are both employed as groundskeepers at a local park. Every episode follows the misadventures (surreal, extreme and supernatural) encountered stemming from their regular attempts to slack off on the job. (Wikipedia)

Now this one, I can tolerate a little more since even though the characters are whack, they still portray something we are all familiar with in our lives like animals, gum ball machines, lollipops, etc and the adventures often contain little lessons one can learn from. Thus, to some extent I am ok with this cartoon however, it doesn’t pass totally as it contains a handful of those scenes that leave you disturbed like the rest and contains some violent behaviors. And when I say violent I don’t mean Tom and Jerry, mouse hits cat with a bat kind of violence but more of a semi bloody scene.

All in all, maybe these cartoons are meant for teens and above or just mindless junkies but as a person with kids and one who likes clean entertainment and appreciates educational value in things they do not pass in my books as great cartoons.

Have we lost the essence of childhood? What ever happened to cartoons like Duck tales, Hey Arnold, Recess and The flinstones? Since when did all that disturbed-mindless-craziness become kid’s entertainment or entertainment on the whole? I can’t imagine what cartoons will be like in the next century!

But Cartoon Network is not the only one who’s lost it! Disney has dished their share of bad change and I think the only reason kids these days tolerate it is because they really don’t know better, sigh.

Idk about you but gone is my hope for great animated series!


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