The Human Powerhouse

Growing up, my mother and I have never had the closest and most loving relationship but as I reached the age of understanding I knew she put out a lot more than she portrayed or got credit for.

From the time I became a teenager to this very day, putting aside all differences, I acknowledge that she is a human powerhouse! She is truly amazing even with all her flaws and mistakes.

How often do you take the time to analyze what your parents do on a daily basis, especially your mom?

Women have a power that extends beyond the physical especially mothers. From pregnancy to taking care of and growing up a baby into an adult, that becomes 99% of her life! Added to responsibilities of being wife, working, maintaining a household and taking care of oneself, women become the backbones that hold everything together.


My mom, for one, is a great example! Working two demanding jobs, managing finances, taking care of her husband and children while maintaining the household duties. She never leaves her family hungry (especially her husband lol) and always finds the time to keep her house in order. Working on very little sleep on a regular basis and managing to maintain a youthful appearance while being able to make time to laugh a little (mostly a lot in her case), she is truly AMAZING!

Becoming a mom myself has taught me that this strength is driven from the love one has for her family (husband and kids).

During pregnancy and incredibly after giving birth, your life takes the biggest shift ever! Your mentality changes and you become so engulfed in love that this new passion drives you to do whatever it takes to make your child happy. Of course the love for your partner will also be driving your actions towards him. As such, your family becomes everything to you and it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

I am a powerhouse in the making and I will be honest in saying I look forward to the journey ahead. It may seem like a death sentence to some and I understand to some extent why some may see it that way but if you really take the time to understand the story behind it you would definitely see it as a true love story. It is an experience of a lifetime, a speeding roller-coaster that is powered by love.

To my mom and all the powerhouses out there, I appreciate what you’re doing keep it up! (this includes those father’s that take on both roles also 😉 )


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