Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit | Insanity

Soooo after yesterday’s fit test my legs have been a bit achy but I was hyped enough and determined to get at it again.

This workout’s warm up alone had me burnt! I was out of breath and just feeling it!!

The warm up is a circuit that you go through 3 times and each time should be faster than the previous. Then the workout itself has two different circuits that you also repeat. What I really love so far is the deep stretching that Shaun takes you through both after the warm up an as a cool down.

10426760_10201215515670441_438043292055622152_nMy legs were killing me through the exercises but after numerous breaks I still managed to push through! DAMN!! IT WAS INSANE!!!

I was dripping with sweat! I can’t remember the last time I sweat like that! The floor was wet, my clothes were soaked and my eyes were burning from the salty rain! LOL As with the last time, I was out of breath but not lightheaded.

I had a hard but great time! Looking forward to tomorrow. I’ve officially gone INSANE!!


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