Day 3: Cardio, Power and Resistance | Insanity

DAMN!!! If you’re arm strength is bad you’re going to FEEL THIS!!

From the warm-up alone I was completely out of breath and as the days go by the soreness in my legs just makes it harder but I am determined that I’m going to get to the finish line without missing a day!

This workout had my worst fears when it comes to exercising, heavy on the arms (moves in plank position;push ups etc.) and lots of jumping! My kryptonite! And so I ended up with more breaks than I would have liked but I made it!

Another reason I am in love with Insanity is that it doesn’t require any equipment. When I saw resistance, I assumed that I would need weights or bands but instead you use your own body weight and I love that!

I’m proud that I pushed through even with my sore legs, weak arms and exhaustion. Now every step I take reminds me of my insane journey!!

Am I dreading what is to come tomorrow? Do I intend on taking a rest day?


I look forward to what’s in store for me! (Not excited though lol just determined to push on)



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