Day 4: Cardio Recovery | Insanity

First of all, excuse my late post. My day has been busy and my daughter just decided that she won’t go to bed so she’s currently here with me as I try my best to get this post published before I just cap out on my bed! Of course this is going to be a battle since she’s teething and everything on my desk is a prospective chew toy in her eyes atm! (Life of being a mom right!) Anyway…

Sore from the days gone by so far I still managed to pull off day four with this insane drive I’ve developed since day one of Insanity. This workout was, as the name suggests, recovery from the cardio work covered. Therefore, the workout was slower paced and full of stretching.

Don’t go assuming that you can consider this a rest day though! It builds a nice sweat and tests your flexibility and balance! Now another reason to fall in love with Insanity! By the end of these two months I am seeing a more flexible and balanced me! Not forgetting to mention muscle strength! My muscles worked hard! Deep, slow squats and lunges with pulses! DAMN! I wasn’t able to hold my positions for long but I pushed through the pulsing!

I’m glad I pushed through my aches and I am so sure that I’m starting to see a difference in my body already! It may be small but it’s something and that makes me even more determined to continue!

Day 5 here I come!! 😀

Oh! I’ve also noticed that my skin looks and feels better! Must be all that sweating! I love it!! ❤



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