Day 5 | Insanity

lIt’s 12:43am in Trinidad and I am just preparing for bed (of course my daughter is up in play mode yay!! -_-). Yesterday was day 5 and sadly I have missed it! Something told me to get up early and get it done but I was so tired I figured I would get to fit it in during the day at least before family came over but I couldn’t…

It was Indian Arrival day over here (I will surely share some insight on this later today for those of you who are clueless as to the what and why surrounding such a day) , which is a public holiday, so we planned a little scrabble game night. I had to get some laundry done, clean the house and cook while carrying around my sweetheart who, as per usual these days, did not want to take any good naps. Up until family started arriving I was still busy and needed to have a good bath!

Anyway, I’ve decided I’m going to push myself to get up around 6am and get it done and then fit in day 6’s workout in the evening. Double dose, but I’m gonna get it done instead of beating up myself about it! I know now that next time i predict a busy day I must get my lazy butt of my bed at 5am!

Enough rambling for now though, this little critter can’t seem to stay still and we should both be catching some Zzz’s. Catch you guys later!! Wish me luck lol!!


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