Day 5 and 6: Pure Cardio and Plyometric Cardio Circuit | Insanity

At 7:40am pure cardio was checked off my list!! Didn’t get up as early as planned but I got it done and that’s the most important part. As I mentioned earlier this morning before I went to bed, I missed day five and so I planned to double it up today. (Good for me right?! lol)

2657116It is what it is, PURE CARDIO! One minute drills of heart-pumping, sweat-dripping exercises. Let me say once more, my sore legs make this sooo much harder! Is it just me? Or is it Insanity? Because I be seeing so many leg pumping exercises that I begin seeing myself with some seriously ripped legs at the end of these two months!

I really look forward to pushing through a workout without feeling like my legs are going to give up but I’m sure everyone’s goal is to be able to go through an entire workout without the numerous breaks.


Push-up jacks – argghh!!

High knees – ah ah ah ah!

Suicide jumps – dafuqqqqqq!! Listen to me, I hate burpees! Changing up the name ‘aint doin’ no good because suicide jumps don’t make ’em sound any better! Either way, they’re the ultimate killers!

I probably took some 20 second breaks (OK maybe more but just for those killer moves) but I know I’m a work in progress so I press on!!

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Around 11pm I really got to get into this workout because of course my daughter decided to cut her sleep short, behaving very cranky, so I had to stop everything and tend to her needs. luckily I only just finished the warm-up.

The second time around however, I did one set of the warm-up circuit and got right into the workout.

This was my second time doing the Plyometric cardio circuit but it didn’t make it much easier. I’m sure I improved but not by anything big. I must say though, being familiar with it, it went by faster which was good lol.

Of course this post is in the wee hours of day seven since I had to tend to my munchkin once more (teething is a killer!!!!) and as usual she’s at the desk with me, nursing this time though. Thankfully, today (day seven) is rest day and as if that wasn’t exciting enough, I LOST ONE INCH OF MY TUMMY!!!!!!! ca5f9ec29a0e6b64b03b0a1ff744eeba

Yes! Results starting from as little as the first week! I LOVE IT! Makes me just wanna keep at it and push harder till the end! Man I’m excited to see a new me!

Screammssss in my mind (baby’s falling asleep)!

For all those who completed week one this week also, congrats! Don’t stop! And to those who haven’t started yet, what are you waiting on?!!!!

Looking forward to a relaxing day today (yeah right! said no mum ever unless her kids were all grown and out of the house lol).




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