Snapshot Story | Emancipation 2010


Back in 2010 I had the pleasure of joining a group in my community known as CWYG (Chaguanas Women’s and Youth Group). What really sparked the move was their participation in dance and theater focused more on African styles. Now, I’m not African but here in Trinidad and Tobago it doesn’t matter, we embrace each other’s cultures! Of course as I mentioned in my East Indian arrival day post I am a mixture of more than one ethnicity.

So the story behind this picture…

This is me in the dressing room getting my make-up done for a dance performance at the Red House in Trinidad for their Emancipation day ceremony 2010. This outfit in particular was for the bélé dance.

I am no longer with the group but I did have a great time there performing, interacting and learning. Here are some more memories of that day…

More pictures of the Bélé dance…
40530_121168877930983_1808771_n40530_121168854597652_2858449_n40530_121168847930986_7978097_n The talented drummers!!

Here’s a clip of some Bélé dancing for your entertainment! 😉 enjoy!


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