Day 7: Rest day | Insanity

rest-dayToday felt great! Not no so much because it was a rest day but really because of how I look and feel! Let me break it down to yall:

  1. Exercising makes me feel awesome!
  2. I accomplished my first week of Insanity.
  3. My body is already tightening up.

Even though my legs hurt when I walk and my shoulders are a bit sore, I’m looking forward to week two! My motivation for the next two weeks however, is my upcoming beach getaway in our sister isle Tobago! ๐Ÿ˜€ Gotta be bikini ready!

Don’t worry I will definitely post some pictures and let you know how it was! If you’ve never been to Tobago or the Caribbean trust me when I say the beaches are beautiful!! The weather is lovely! The people are welcoming! It’s great!

It will be my daughter’s first time on a plane and on the island! I’m super excited for her and myself since I haven’t visited in a while and I love the beach especially their beaches.

I’m extremely excited to see how my body turns out by that time and most of all by the time I’m finished with Insanity. Maybe I’ll go a second round?? Idk but let’s wait till I finish this one first!

Cheers to one week down, another week ahead, a new lifestyle, a new me!


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