Day 8: Cardio Power and Resistance | Insanity

Damn it!! If you started with the idea that you would do better the next time around because it would get easier, burst your bubble right there!! Logically, that’s not gona happen till your body gets fitter since you’re just going to be sore instead until your body gets stronger etc. BIG SIGH!

So being completely honest, I was very sluggish….ok EXTREMELY sluggish in my workout today! The motivation was there, I was just thinking of strutting on the beach next weekend but the body was sore. My leg muscles especially! Anyone else feels it so much in their legs? Seriously?! since day one it seems like that’s where I feel it the most!!

Anyway, I managed to pull myself up a generous amount of times and push really hard even though all that jumping was insane!! lol What else do you expect right?!

I’m proud of myself and plan on trying to be more mentally strong because digging deeper is a mental thing; when your body says no, your mind gotta say “this is a piece of cake! I’m gona eat it in no time!” (especially because you’ve probably been staying away from cake so long that you would effortlessly gobble down your favorite kind if you got the chance and ok to do it LOL)

I guess the determination needs to show itself in the following weeks especially week two since your body is more sore than ever due to the change and push it’s been going through. So week two! Get ready to be served!! (gosh I hope this doesn’t go the other way!! >_< )

Pure cardio! *wipes sweat from forehead* (because just thinking about it makes you perspire!) Here I come!!!



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