Unlocking my mind


Seriously, I think my mind is way beyond unlocked because it has so much going on at once that I think I need to start locking things away! LOL

It’s 11:20 pm here and I’m only now starting this assignment since this is my free time. My daughter fell asleep earlier tonight, THANK GOD! And so now I can really take 20 minutes to myself just to let go and type my thoughts out. Ready? I hope you are because I’m not even sure where this is going to end up!

To begin, there is something I definitely must say. I hate mosquitoes and flies!! My goodness!! In the Caribbean, there are lots of spaces with overgrown grass also known as “bush”. Of course if you live in the capital and more developed areas you don’t have to worry but where I live mosquitoes are an issue. And as of right now, they are singing tunes in my ears!!

We often have to use insect sprays to kill them but they seem to be mutating and growing immune to all the brands we’ve gone through so far!! It’s THE WORST!!

But on a lighter note, blogging has been great to me thus far and I am grateful for the continuous support from WordPress and those that took the time to read and follow me. This month will mark two months! Yay me!!

I don’t find it hard to post things because there is a story in everything and I’m always ready to ramble or speak strongly or even just encourage. Taking this Writing 101 blogging challenge 2014 is only to keep my brain ticking and help me explore new avenues and become better at writing. It’s always nice to share things in a conversation manner, just being myself but I would also love to have more professionally, formal pieces when it comes to serious issues and whatever else requires such a tone. I do hope to accomplish these things!

Sharing my thoughts and inserts of my life, new challenges, entertaining and motivating others, makes me happy! Not a day passes that I don’t think about sharing something on my blog. My mind is free here! I was never good at keeping a diary but here I am running a blog and I’ve managed to post a little over 20 times already!

I sing, I dance, I write a little from time to time and now I blog!

As a young adult and being from a small island, I find it a necessity to have an opinion and let myself be heard. More importantly, to have a constructive means of letting things out and of course a way to share my country and culture with the world!

My blog is based on whatever I find interest in, whatever tugs on my heart or makes my blood run hot! However, you want to put it. Essentially, I believe my mind is very much unlocked!

Cheers to an unlocked mind and a completed assignment!

Thanks for reading my ramblings! ❤


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