A room with a view or just a view?

The dark slowly turned into light with the glowing rays of the morning sun. My eyelids became light, willingly lifting themselves as they gave way to eager eyes. Effortlessly perched on a fluff of feathers and laying in a halo of morning sunlight, my eyes traced perfect contour lines.

I laid there feasting my eyes on the ultimate porn as my brain and body increasingly became chemically infused. The surge of endorphins created an insane high and my body called out for more!

As my eyes followed the flow of perfection in front of me, I began to reach the point of climax and I struggled to keep my hands to myself. Like delectable dark chocolate, not to bitter not too sweet, evenly balanced and the most divine, my mouth tasted what my eyes had seen.

My eyes reached their destination and my lips spread apart. With a deep, subtle breath my eyelids slowly fell as if to savor the image my eyes had seen.

I smiled in contentment and utter bliss as I would trade anything to always have moments like this.

The perfect view to start my day.

My other half, right next to me he laid.

One day I would be able to experience this everyday but until then right next to you is where I would always long to be and so I zoom through time and space to have this view once more.

Right now, it’s the moment I long for!!


2 thoughts on “A room with a view or just a view?

    • Gosh thank you! LOL I was going for a play on PG and racy because really and truly it’s just me waking up to my other half next to me and watching him while he sleeps lol but I find great pleasure and emotion in it. I will definitely read your assignment and give feedback. I’m glad I made you blush though 😉


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