Day 9: Pure Cardio | Insanity

Ok so after a long day, I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t get my workout done today BUT!! I put my mind to it and made the time before bedtime. My schedule is whack because of my daughter and her teething phase but I make it work.

Working out at night doesn’t mess with my sleep, I actually sleep much better most times. But thinking about it now, sometimes my body is tired and I just won’t be able to fall asleep… :/ Oh well, I eventually do and what matters most to me is that I worked out! However, I try not to make it a habit. How do I refuel after night workouts? Bananas and almond milk 😀 or maybe some water/almond milk and cashew nuts.

Now to the workout.

I must say I paced through my warm-up pretty darn good even though it wasn’t completely perfect, I did really well in my opinion. I decided to workout in front the TV to try and distract myself mentally so the time passes by faster. So here I was in front the television looking at Chopped on Food Network, trying to dig deep and get the workout done.

It worked, a bit.

The workout itself goes by quickly for sure, but one minute never felt so long!!!!! And I’m beginning to sound repetitive but my LEGS!!! arghh!! All these squat moves are killing me. I gave in a few times for those but my other weakness, the plank position exercises and push-ups, was defeated a bit because I gave it a whole lot of what I could give till my arms gave out!

All in all, I completed day 9 with little sluggishness and I am ready for day 10!! I just got that bikini in my head! Gotta look good in two weeks!!

Week by week, little by little! It’s good to have a weekly or quarterly motivator instead of one for the full 2 months alone. It helps you dig deeper each week and meeting those short goals help you push through the entire thing much better. You see your progress better and feel great about yourself!

Work hard my fellow Insane peeps!! We got this shizzz!!



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