Day 12: Cardio, Power and Resistance | Insanity

It’s been roughly 3 hours since I worked out and I still feel like I’m going to drop!!! I’m just making this post and hitting the sack!! WTH!!

I don’t know when this workout is gonna get easier, I do hope it’s soon! I literally felt as though I was dying (ok, I don’t know what dying feels like but you know what I mean! Stop being technical!!). Of course, as usual, I tried my best.

I’m starting to think that my two days of “rest” (they were far from restful) just made me more unfit lol. Probably made me a bit lazy or sluggish…maybe. Anyway! I got to push myself for that bikini!!!


I think I’m at the point where you feel like your body isn’t changing at all anymore, but that’s the time to push so I’m doin it!

One thing’s for sure, my legs are looking good and I received some compliments on my arms today 😀 YAY!! Nothing is more motivating than progress and compliments on your progress!!

Anyway! I’m falling asleep on myself at the moment so I’ll hit you guys up tomorrow!

Stay motivated!!!



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