Day 13: Pure cardio and Cardio Abs | Insanity

LOL so I only just realized that today was TWO workouts….I assumed it was just called pure cardio and cardio abs but thinking about it now I feel dumb! No wonder the workout was so short! *hides face*

My bad!!

So I’ll do my Pure cardio workout tomorrow along with my fit test since I’m not taking the rest day as outlined due to my two “rest” days earlier this week. Of course I’ll do them apart so my fit test results won’t be hindered by exhaustion.

All in all, I loved the ab routine, sweet and simple! Just the right burn!

My minor back problems had me taking a short break at times but I got through it and it felt great! Looking forward to the next time!!

My stomach is the main reason I’m doing this workout, then there’s overall fitness and fit body structure 😉 Who doesn’t want to look sexy as hell?!!

Not sure what’s in store for the fit test tomorrow in terms of performance but we’ll see. I just gotta dig deeper than the last time right?!



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