Rush hour

So we can all agree parenting is a fairly new thing for me at the moment. Six months into it and every month brings new changes which means new adjustments to be made. As my little one grows it becomes very exciting but also a little more challenging.

One of the challenges now is getting my things done. She no longer sleeps as much as she used to of course, gone is the newborn!

To make it worse, her toys only entertain her for very little time and I guess it’s mainly because she longs for company almost all the time which is probably my fault for being so clingy onto her from the beginning. Partly her dad’s fault too for not putting her down enough giving her a bad “hand” habit basically “she’s accustomed to hand” in Trini slang!


Along with some other challenges, which I will touch on in another post, this new napping schedule (usually a few power naps during the day) is crazy! All of a sudden it’s become a race to get things done! As soon as she’s down I find myself hustling and bustling to get chores and other important things done. If I’m lucky, IF, at some point I can squeeze in a little me time to paint my nails or comb my hair!! Yes, my hair! It’s just nestled in a crazy bun on the top of my head most days…or weeks lol. Plus! I got curly hair and that doesn’t make it any easier to comb my hair out quickly so the bun is the go-to hairstyle. I’m sure most busy women/girls can relate!

Even at this very moment writing this post is something I’m just managing to squeeze in before she wakes up (which could be anytime soon)! I guess it only makes me see how precious time is on the whole when it comes to getting things done and spending time with my growing sweetheart!

I’m due to head back out to University in September and by then I would also be married!! eekkk! I’m looking forward to what is to come but I know there’s going to be lots on my plate. Good thing is M (my daughter) would be older and probably a bit more manageable when it comes to playing on her own and being entertained by tv shows or something!

However, I don’t think rush hour will ever come to an end when you have a household with a kid but hey! It is what it is, and it’s always worth it!

It’s all training to be a supermom! Bring it on!!


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