Sweet sweeet Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are lovely twin islands appearing as just a tiny speck on the world map but, our culture and vibrancy is far from tiny! However, there is definitely one thing we don’t need to debate about and it’s how beautiful and relaxing the sister isle of Tobago is!!

Trinidad has it’s share of beauties and getaways but being from Trinidad, escaping to Tobago is even more of a pleasure! Though, I for one believe Tobago has the better beaches and getaways.

downloadThe water is blue, the air is clean, the surroundings are clean and most of the people are mannerly and welcoming. Now, I say most because no place is perfect! You will find some grumpy ones here and there no matter where you go. I happened to stumble upon two of them while visiting but I prefer to dwell on happier things.

Anticipated, I packed and prepared for this day. Event though it was just one day, I couldn’t be more excited and prepared. After all, it was my baby girl’s first trip on a plane and to Tobago. Not forgetting that it was also going to be her first time bathing in the beach!

Miss M (M is my daughter’s nick name btw) decided she didn’t want to go to bed early to get enough rest for the early flight the next day. Of course, babies have a way of knowing when certain things are important to you and how to make it almost impossible for everything to play off smoothly! Story of a parent’s life right!

Now, this day held a lot of firsts for me too. It was my first time travelling to Tobago on a plane because my family usually go by boat; 1) It’s cheaper and 2) you get to take your vehicle which is saving on cost and an added convenience. It was also my first time on a smaller plane and my first time travelling without my parents. (Yes, I’m not soooo young but I’m not very old either and my parents weren’t very keen on letting me travel here and there with friends to places with water on our own which is understandable but they took it a bit too far with me. Now my sister gets to go on her own with friends for a week!!! but that’s another story.)

So we got there safely and rented a car to move around. Such a delightful day wasn’t going to be hindered by lack of sleep! I was pumped (despite the fact that I was falling asleep while on the road here and there lol).

First on the list was breakfast and then we did some sight seeing. Once the morning sun was fully in it’s glee we hit the beach to beat the mid day sun.

I must mention, Tobago’s sun is HOT! Here in Trinidad we would basically break it down to you like this, “da sun different!!!!” or “it serious!” which basically means you’re sure to get a tan much faster than if you were in Trinidad. Crazy but true.

waayyyy sah!

Moving on!! Our first stop was pigeon point heritage park, which is a must visit if you’re in Tobago. Calm, blue waters, lovely facilities, activities and eats. People come and have lunch, relax, stand-up paddle, jet ski and more!

pigeon pt

M (my daughter) was a bit startled by the little waves at first and then by the water temperature which was a bit cold initially but once in and with some reassurance, she loved it! It was a happy moment for me and we had a great time there!

Next on the agenda was Store bay. My little M however decided she had enough fun and began to protest as soon as the water hit her feet so we sat that one out (to be more precise, she slept it out but what else do you expect from a 6 month old who’s been up all morning?!). Anyway, as soon as you get to this beach everyone starts offering glass bottom boat rides to Bucco reef and Nylon pool and umbrella rentals. It’s not bad though, they’re polite with it so it doesn’t turn you off. Of course, if it’s your first time visiting then you should take the trips, the Nylon pool is lovely!


Once my cousins had their share of fun there, we organized ourselves for the flight back home. It was a great day. Time spent with family, especially your kids, is time well spent and cherished!

We had a great trip! Can’t wait to return for a longer stay!




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