World cup fever with a case of chronic update disease!

world-cup-wide235-1552351_1600x900The WORLD knows what’s the current hype and that’s the World Cup! If you’re not clear on what I just said, it means that EVERYBODY knows and should know that it’s happening whether or not they give a shit.

With that said, I am a fan of football but this World Cup doesn’t carry as much hype for me as the previous one. The reason for that is because of the new addition to my family, my daughter, 6 months now. I like football but I am not a crazy football fan like some people so it doesn’t bother me. But, it seems to me like some people not only have the WC fever but are suffering from chronic update disease!!!


Social media has become infected by these people!

During and after every game they’re status is updated as though people are subscribing to their accounts specifically for the latest WC developments. It’s crazy!

I like football and it’s even annoying me much less for someone who doesn’t like or follow football at all. I really don’t mind you updating your thoughts on the match or the foul that took place..whatever it may be but you don’t need to update me on who’s playing for every match, the score, who got a yellow card, a good goal, a substitution..etc…etc…you get what I’m sayin!

As I mentioned, everyone knows the WC is on and those who care about the competition are already up-to-speed with matches and scores.

Now, yes I am annoyed but I’m not making a big deal out of it. I’ve just chosen to visit facebook a bit less since there’s nothing much there for me right now. I get to see matches every now and then when my cousin is over looking at them and if I do want to get some info I know where to go. I just thought I’d put it out there though to let others who are feeling the same way know that they aren’t alone and possibly reach out to those who are suffering with chronic update disease so they can seek treatment.

We love you guys nonetheless though!! No hard feelings! You do your thing if it makes you happy! 😉

Happy World Cup everyone!! I hope your team makes you proud and for those who aren’t interested don’t worry, your friends/bf/gf/husband/wife/family whoever, will return to you once it’s all over! It doesn’t come around too often so let them have their time!




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