Day 16: Plyometric Cardio Circuit | Insanity

keep-calm-beast-mode-on-9Two weeks later I’m finally back at it!! My daughter has recovered from the flu and seems to have amended her bedtime an hour or two earlier 😀 and I’m a bit more settled. With my wedding, yes my wedding, coming up in the month of August I am pumped to get my body in the best shape ever!!

Now, here’s why I LOVE insanity! (another reason to add to the list) After two weeks of no exercising and a horrible diet I’ve managed to keep off the inch I lost on my waist and even keep some condition! I mean, isn’t that great??!! Yes, I was a bit out of it during the workout but wayyyy better than expected.

Currently, I am at 95 lbs which is the lightest I’ve ever been BUT I still have a mushy punch for a stomach and intend on losing it and putting on some lean muscle mass. So my insanity goals are to become fit, gain a flat, toned stomach and build lean muscle.

I am looking forward to some insanely toned legs, a sexy ass, a stomach worth showing off, some calves (I seem to have none), toned arms and feeling awesome on a daily basis!

What a great way to start a new chapter in my life right?? And I mean, after 4 years with my boo it’ll be nice for him to enjoy a sexier me. What woman doesn’t want to feel and look their best; to be a sexy mom and wife! I can’t wait!!

Though, I must ensure that the rest of my insanity journey is continued with the cleanest diet possible in order to gain the greatest results in the space of time left, especially considering my two week lapse. And! Because I had a two week lapse, I’m bypassing my recovery week. This will also ensure that I finish in time for August.

For those of you that are at it, keep at it 😉 Push yaself! Dig deeper everyday!

It feels good to be back!

Beast mode ON!!


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