My life has become somewhat chaotic in recent weeks gone by. I mean, blogging university challenges are wayyyy out the window, I can’t keep up with all the posting I want to do and most importantly, my insanity workout schedule is whack!! Oh yeah…and it’s driving me to eat all the junk I can get my hands on -_- NOT COOL!

Here I am, getting married in one month and my body is not where I want it to be, mainly, my workout schedule is not where I want it to be.751557

So what’s the reason???

For those of you who haven’t been following, I went on a mini vacation and then got sick, then my daughter got sick so that kept things back. But now, I’m up to my neck in catering work with my mom and got my hands full with my little M so I’m extremely tired. This has been forcing me to form unhealthy eating habits and workout late at night or not at all. 😥 ahhhhhh!!

As soon as I have time to get my shiz together I’m going to prep my healthy food for an entire week and get myself into the habit of getting up pretty early to push my workouts the way they’re supposed to be.

Damn I want that dream body!!!

You guys better not worry though, that’s not the only concern I have because I’ve got some great topics I wanna share with you so give me until Sunday to get everything organized. By then my mum’s order’s should calm down a bit but hey I can’t complain too much because I’m making me some money right! 😀

What’s life without a little chaos right?! Good thing is, my daughter is now in bed between the hours of 9 and 10pm instead of 12am. And I didn’t even have to push her into making that change! Thank you sweet Jesus!! Now, I at least have extra time to sit and do some blogging before bed and not have to be closing my eyes in the wee hours of the morning.

Shiz be crazy up in here! I am reminded of how mum’s become superheros/powerhouses everyday!! It’s a non-stop thing! Not that I’m complaining but it’s serious on-the-job training 24/7. No wonder our mums make it look so easy! It’s been drilled into them!

But hard work brings GREAT rewards! So a midst the chaos, I find peace and joy in the time I spend with my little sugarplum and of course my big one too (my hubby-to-be) ❤ love is such a swwweeeettt blessing!!


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