The art of tucking in!

Do you relate with the picture below?

Is it just your transition into a messy, more lazy person from your long day or is there more to that story?

10477093_826597624017404_3725259453429754247_nAs soon as I laid eyes on this I could relate to it in only one way that has been a part of my life for years!

Tucking in my tummy!

Growing up, I alwaysssss had a punch. That stubborn lower belly fat stuck with me as the years went by and upon entering my teenage years, I became very conscious of it.

I resorted to loose fitting clothes to prevent the bulge from showing and then one day my aunt introduced me to her temporary solution, tucking in.

She referred to it as an art and ever since then, I’ve been calling it the same!

When I would go out, I would consciously suck it in until I got home where I could relax and just let it all go. Until eventually, it became an unconscious habit that I was doing once I was awake. I mastered the art of tucking in! And it worked for me.

Of course it never really resolved my self-consciousness but when I admitted to having a punched tummy, no one would believe me. I became THAT GOOD! šŸ˜‰ lol So when I told people I was working out to get me a flat belly they were all confused and thought I was making an issue out of something that wasn’t there!

Up until this very day, I still tuck that belly in but now, I have much less to suck up and by the end of the year I will no longer have need for such art as I would be showcasing a flat, toned, sexy tummy.

I am very excited to know what it’s like not having a punch, not having to tuck it in or suck it up! Come December I would relate to this very picture in a totally different way!

What’s your self-conscious struggle? Are you in the same boat?? What crazy arts have you mastered?


4 thoughts on “The art of tucking in!

  1. It actually works out your belly muscles when you spend most of your time sucking in, so it does help to flatten it.

    I’ve always (usually) had a bit of a belly, too. I remember about once or twice when I had a flat stomache — one I was on drugs and the other I was pretty much starving myself. So, they don’t count. Haha. When I gain weight, it goes straight to my stomach and my boobs. I’ve had people ask if I’m pregnant.

    Then I actually got pregnant and it felt SO good to not worry about it. Even before I started showing I bragged that I was pregnant so I could let my belly hang. But, after I gave birth, it got so much worse. I still haven’t gotten rid of my baby bump, and my son is three years old.

    But now I just don’t care anymore. I’d rather be comfortable than beautiful.

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    • I know it works it out but it doesn’t work fast enough lol it’s been years but working out and a clean diet has brought me really far. When I gain weight it only goes to my stomach too I wish it could go to my boobs or hips!! damn I could use some of those!

      But I definitely know how you felt being pregnant, it was so awesome to not worry about how my tummy looks, I felt so awesome about my body. However, I actually worked out throughout my pregnancy and after and breastfeeding did wonders.

      I’ve been dreaming about having a flat belly, I’ve never had one so that has been motivating me plus I love the idea of being a sexy-ass mum lol so 7 months postpartum I’m 4 inches slimmer!! šŸ˜€

      But once you’re feeling comfortable in you own skin nothing beats that! You do your thing šŸ˜‰


      • Yeah this past winter was really… odd, I guess, and now (according to the 1950s scale at my doctor’s) I actually weigh more than I did pre-pregnancy, and only about 15 pounds less than I did during my pregnancy. But I mean, I’m not big, I’m still pretty small — just not as small as I’m used to. I still have time to lose weight if I ever want to, I just never have that desire.

        But I love looking at people who do, so there’s that. haha. You keep doing you, I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results=]


      • Thank you!! I still have a long way to go, a few months of intense training would get me to put on some lean muscle to actually look like I got some shape! But I’m definitely happy with my results thus far.


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