Impartial Me is all about sharing opinions in a non biased environment.

My posts cover numerous topics in our everyday lives and is therefore directed to all ages. From health and fitness to new mom challenges, life as a student, tips on living a better more fulfilling life, society and much more. Whatever catches my attention at home and abroad! You name it, once it sparks a fire, I’ll write!

My opinions and advice from personal experiences and my point of view shared with you in attempt to enlighten, encourage, teach, entertain and spark meaningful, constructive conversation!




My name is Laura-Lee and I’m a smart, fun, loving, outgoing and opinionated but open-minded Caribbean girl. I love having the opportunity to share my thoughts, give advice, raise an issue or enlighten. My passion for constructive speech and encouraging feedback from family and friends have driven me to start blogging.

Currently, I am pursuing my degree in Economics with a minor in International Relations while planning for a wedding, new home, managing the new challenges of being a mum and striving to live a healthy lifestyle (most importantly, get a FLAT BELLY!!).

Holding the responsibilities of new mom, girlfriend (and soon to be wife), daughter, sister, student, friend, elder, part-time employee/co-worker and citizen, my life requires the oh familiar balancing act that most of us have to manage!

By blogging I invite you to follow me on my journey! May we live, love and laugh as we share life!

My life. Your life. Our lives.



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