Just a little time for myself….a little…..

With my wedding just one month away, the stresses are piling on with planning especially since “that guy” just isn’t co-operating very efficiently and I have a very active 7 month old to deal with 24/7. So I’ve decided that at least twice a week I will dedicate a little time to pamper myself. And of course that’s understandable, we all need to make time for a little pampering but I especially do not want of lack of sleep and planning stress to be evident in my appearance on my wedding day! blehh!

Your best friend and even lover can become very bitchy and frustrating when it comes to planning events such as this, so alone time is also recommended lol. However, pampering together is awesome to calm the atmosphere and mend the little cuts and bruises suffered.

My house suddenly has lots of avocados since it is in season so I decided to do an avocado and honey face mask. Also, since I don’t pamper my hair enough, I gave it a little brushing and moisturized it and left it to rest a little for sum lovely curls up in my shower cap.

For a few minutes after, I was embracing the relaxing sensations of “me-time” and then my daughter woke up insisting she gets to me and almost rolls off the bed…BUT of course it was wonderful while it lasted and I had a great time looking at her amazed expression as she gazed upon my new look!

Like, “mom…wth!” lol!!

Best thing is, when she became curious enough to touch it, it was ok for her to do so and lick her fingers after. No worries 😀 it’s all natuuuralllee! 😉

I love this girl!! ❤

Though it was short lived, I savored it and got a smooth, clean face and shiny, curly hair out of it! And!! Fun pictures too!

Avocado&honey mask




Postpartum hair loss?? or just plain old I-pull-my-hair-back-too-much kinda hair loss?? Here’s your miracle!

For most, if not all, of the moms out there, you know oh to well the experience of luscious, healthy hair during pregnancy. The lovely joy it can bring to a girl who has never had that kind of hair growth in her life! Only to be shut down by the blow of postpartum hair loss.

Whether it be by the chunk or at the temples, we’re all horrified and annoyed by the endless amount of hair in our brushes/combs, bathroom drains, pillows and floors! But most of all, the fact that our heads look like a complete disaster!!!

On top of all of that, if you’re nursing, there is only so little that you can resort to since taking certain medications can affect your baby.

I for one found it extremely distressing and ultimately gave up and instead of trying to hide my balding temples, I just decided to live with them and wait it out. I got used to the comments from my friends and resorted to the ever-so-faithful bun and combed my hair once every two weeks! YES! I swear by it! And for those of you who have curly hair, you know how much of a tangled mess that turns out to be!

However, that did not sit well with my boyfriend and he sought out remedies for my situation until we decided to try pre/postnatal vitamins after doing some research; some women shared that it helped.

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Insanity to be continued….

Managing to work out before my friend’s wedding, then my cousin’s wedding and even my trip to Tobago was possible and now that I have my own wedding coming up it’s been near impossible to continue!!

It upsets me to the bone but it’s hard when you have a very active 7 month old to look after mostly on your own while tending to your daily chores, planning for a wedding that’s one month away, working part-time and preparing for school (two months away). So after many attempts I’ve decided to put my insanity on hold and basically do shorter 5-20 minute workouts that I can easily fit into my days.

Now, I ‘m not going to completely stop my insanity workouts, when the time allows I will definitely do them but once the honeymoon is over I’ll be back on the Insanity train!!!!

I am determined to be totally transformed, if not by September, by the end of the year. I must enter 2015, God’s willing, fit and toned!! Extremely sexified!! lol

Also, I do plan on doing another round of Insanity once I’m done. I won’t stop till I get my dream body!! Currently, I am 95 lbs; I aim to range between 100 and 115 and hope to get there by piling on some lean muscle mass and of course I must have that toned tummy of my dreams!

Until I fully get back on track yall go on and continue digging deeper! 😉



My life has become somewhat chaotic in recent weeks gone by. I mean, blogging university challenges are wayyyy out the window, I can’t keep up with all the posting I want to do and most importantly, my insanity workout schedule is whack!! Oh yeah…and it’s driving me to eat all the junk I can get my hands on -_- NOT COOL!

Here I am, getting married in one month and my body is not where I want it to be, mainly, my workout schedule is not where I want it to be.751557

So what’s the reason???

For those of you who haven’t been following, I went on a mini vacation and then got sick, then my daughter got sick so that kept things back. But now, I’m up to my neck in catering work with my mom and got my hands full with my little M so I’m extremely tired. This has been forcing me to form unhealthy eating habits and workout late at night or not at all. 😥 ahhhhhh!!

As soon as I have time to get my shiz together I’m going to prep my healthy food for an entire week and get myself into the habit of getting up pretty early to push my workouts the way they’re supposed to be.

Damn I want that dream body!!!

You guys better not worry though, that’s not the only concern I have because I’ve got some great topics I wanna share with you so give me until Sunday to get everything organized. By then my mum’s order’s should calm down a bit but hey I can’t complain too much because I’m making me some money right! 😀

What’s life without a little chaos right?! Good thing is, my daughter is now in bed between the hours of 9 and 10pm instead of 12am. And I didn’t even have to push her into making that change! Thank you sweet Jesus!! Now, I at least have extra time to sit and do some blogging before bed and not have to be closing my eyes in the wee hours of the morning.

Shiz be crazy up in here! I am reminded of how mum’s become superheros/powerhouses everyday!! It’s a non-stop thing! Not that I’m complaining but it’s serious on-the-job training 24/7. No wonder our mums make it look so easy! It’s been drilled into them!

But hard work brings GREAT rewards! So a midst the chaos, I find peace and joy in the time I spend with my little sugarplum and of course my big one too (my hubby-to-be) ❤ love is such a swwweeeettt blessing!!

What next??


As if lack of sleep, preparing for a mini vacation and getting the flu wasn’t enough to hold back my insanity progress and my blogging challenge, my daughter surprises me with a fever after some rather fussy days.

It’s the first time that she’s gotten sick so we’re both going through this as beginners.

I am somewhat relived because before I didn’t know why she was being so much of a handful, it was frustrating! But, knowing her reason makes me more affectionate towards the situation. It pains my heart to see her cranky and crying, I know too well how miserable a fever and cold can make you feel and she’s only a baby. 😥

So for now I’m stuck giving her more TLC which means lots of hugs and kisses and taking her along with me for most of the day. She’s sleeping on my chest at the moment! It’s not a problem, I love the time together despite the reason but I know it’s going to help her through it. It just means little to no time for catching up on my blogging challenge and Insanity workout.

The only issue is that she’s breastfeeding less and not eating or drinking as much as before but I’m not giving up it’s just going to take more patience and effort out of me. Life of being a mom right!!

BUT, the more things get held back (mainly insanity) the more important they’re becoming because guess what! I’m getting married in August!! lol Yes! So I really want my body to be in great shape by then! I guess it’s just going to take more out of me when I get started by the end of the week.

Essentially it comes down to a strictly clean diet and sticking to my workouts. There’s going to be lots of digging deep and pushing through until August!!


What can I say?? Bring it on I guess!

Rush hour

So we can all agree parenting is a fairly new thing for me at the moment. Six months into it and every month brings new changes which means new adjustments to be made. As my little one grows it becomes very exciting but also a little more challenging.

One of the challenges now is getting my things done. She no longer sleeps as much as she used to of course, gone is the newborn!

To make it worse, her toys only entertain her for very little time and I guess it’s mainly because she longs for company almost all the time which is probably my fault for being so clingy onto her from the beginning. Partly her dad’s fault too for not putting her down enough giving her a bad “hand” habit basically “she’s accustomed to hand” in Trini slang!


Along with some other challenges, which I will touch on in another post, this new napping schedule (usually a few power naps during the day) is crazy! All of a sudden it’s become a race to get things done! As soon as she’s down I find myself hustling and bustling to get chores and other important things done. If I’m lucky, IF, at some point I can squeeze in a little me time to paint my nails or comb my hair!! Yes, my hair! It’s just nestled in a crazy bun on the top of my head most days…or weeks lol. Plus! I got curly hair and that doesn’t make it any easier to comb my hair out quickly so the bun is the go-to hairstyle. I’m sure most busy women/girls can relate!

Even at this very moment writing this post is something I’m just managing to squeeze in before she wakes up (which could be anytime soon)! I guess it only makes me see how precious time is on the whole when it comes to getting things done and spending time with my growing sweetheart!

I’m due to head back out to University in September and by then I would also be married!! eekkk! I’m looking forward to what is to come but I know there’s going to be lots on my plate. Good thing is M (my daughter) would be older and probably a bit more manageable when it comes to playing on her own and being entertained by tv shows or something!

However, I don’t think rush hour will ever come to an end when you have a household with a kid but hey! It is what it is, and it’s always worth it!

It’s all training to be a supermom! Bring it on!!

I promise

Here I am, buried deep in overdue blogging university assignments and Insanity posts. Not to mention, a messed up workout schedule backed by a week of unhealthy eating habits!!

Life with a kid is really different when it comes to how your time goes by. Before my daughter came there was something called free time. Time apart from chores, work and school. Now, let’s just say there’s no such thing! There’s time for all the important stuff and then her time lol!

But I gotta say, even with all of that I love it! I love her and our little family and I won’t have it any other way.

However, I am now in the “I promise” stage when it comes to getting certain things done..like blogging and working out! It’s hard to balance things out again after everything got thrown off course but I promise myself I’ll get everything organized within the next two days! And I promise you guys that things will be right on track! 😉

Got lots to share with you guys so look forward to a packed week ahead 😀

Thanks for sticking with me! ❤