My life has become somewhat chaotic in recent weeks gone by. I mean, blogging university challenges are wayyyy out the window, I can’t keep up with all the posting I want to do and most importantly, my insanity workout schedule is whack!! Oh yeah…and it’s driving me to eat all the junk I can get my hands on -_- NOT COOL!

Here I am, getting married in one month and my body is not where I want it to be, mainly, my workout schedule is not where I want it to be.751557

So what’s the reason???

For those of you who haven’t been following, I went on a mini vacation and then got sick, then my daughter got sick so that kept things back. But now, I’m up to my neck in catering work with my mom and got my hands full with my little M so I’m extremely tired. This has been forcing me to form unhealthy eating habits and workout late at night or not at all. 😥 ahhhhhh!!

As soon as I have time to get my shiz together I’m going to prep my healthy food for an entire week and get myself into the habit of getting up pretty early to push my workouts the way they’re supposed to be.

Damn I want that dream body!!!

You guys better not worry though, that’s not the only concern I have because I’ve got some great topics I wanna share with you so give me until Sunday to get everything organized. By then my mum’s order’s should calm down a bit but hey I can’t complain too much because I’m making me some money right! 😀

What’s life without a little chaos right?! Good thing is, my daughter is now in bed between the hours of 9 and 10pm instead of 12am. And I didn’t even have to push her into making that change! Thank you sweet Jesus!! Now, I at least have extra time to sit and do some blogging before bed and not have to be closing my eyes in the wee hours of the morning.

Shiz be crazy up in here! I am reminded of how mum’s become superheros/powerhouses everyday!! It’s a non-stop thing! Not that I’m complaining but it’s serious on-the-job training 24/7. No wonder our mums make it look so easy! It’s been drilled into them!

But hard work brings GREAT rewards! So a midst the chaos, I find peace and joy in the time I spend with my little sugarplum and of course my big one too (my hubby-to-be) ❤ love is such a swwweeeettt blessing!!


What next??


As if lack of sleep, preparing for a mini vacation and getting the flu wasn’t enough to hold back my insanity progress and my blogging challenge, my daughter surprises me with a fever after some rather fussy days.

It’s the first time that she’s gotten sick so we’re both going through this as beginners.

I am somewhat relived because before I didn’t know why she was being so much of a handful, it was frustrating! But, knowing her reason makes me more affectionate towards the situation. It pains my heart to see her cranky and crying, I know too well how miserable a fever and cold can make you feel and she’s only a baby. 😥

So for now I’m stuck giving her more TLC which means lots of hugs and kisses and taking her along with me for most of the day. She’s sleeping on my chest at the moment! It’s not a problem, I love the time together despite the reason but I know it’s going to help her through it. It just means little to no time for catching up on my blogging challenge and Insanity workout.

The only issue is that she’s breastfeeding less and not eating or drinking as much as before but I’m not giving up it’s just going to take more patience and effort out of me. Life of being a mom right!!

BUT, the more things get held back (mainly insanity) the more important they’re becoming because guess what! I’m getting married in August!! lol Yes! So I really want my body to be in great shape by then! I guess it’s just going to take more out of me when I get started by the end of the week.

Essentially it comes down to a strictly clean diet and sticking to my workouts. There’s going to be lots of digging deep and pushing through until August!!


What can I say?? Bring it on I guess!

I promise

Here I am, buried deep in overdue blogging university assignments and Insanity posts. Not to mention, a messed up workout schedule backed by a week of unhealthy eating habits!!

Life with a kid is really different when it comes to how your time goes by. Before my daughter came there was something called free time. Time apart from chores, work and school. Now, let’s just say there’s no such thing! There’s time for all the important stuff and then her time lol!

But I gotta say, even with all of that I love it! I love her and our little family and I won’t have it any other way.

However, I am now in the “I promise” stage when it comes to getting certain things blogging and working out! It’s hard to balance things out again after everything got thrown off course but I promise myself I’ll get everything organized within the next two days! And I promise you guys that things will be right on track! 😉

Got lots to share with you guys so look forward to a packed week ahead 😀

Thanks for sticking with me! ❤



Missing in action

Dang it!! I didn’t want to be away so long but such is life right! Missed a few days of posting so my writing challenge is wayyy behind and I’ve also missed some days of Insanity!!

Really though, my days have been pretty busy considering work being done where I stay, my Tobago trip and getting the flu!! So starting today I’m going to try and get everything up to date!

Stick with me people, thanks for being patient 😉 ❤

My life in song

It’s a hard thing for me to choose 3 songs that are significant to me in reflection of my life because I love so many songs, so many of them speak to me. But a with little meditation on the subject I narrowed it down to what means most to me in my life and songs that I would dedicate to each.

All my life, now especially, I’ve learnt to depend on God. I learnt to have faith that God will always provide my every need once I took it to him in prayer and believed. Most of all, that he will never leave me no matter what! And so, most importantly, he is first in my life and to reflect this part of my life in song I would have to say, His eye is on the sparrow. 

Why should I feel discouraged
Why should the shadows come
Why should my heart feel lonely
And long for heaven and home

When Jesus is my portion
A constant friend is he
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches over me
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

How could one not find comfort in those words? How could one not go from a heart of sorrow to one of comfort and joy from trusting in these words??

The other two songs are dedicated to the second most important things, or should I say people, in my life. My daughter and my fiancé.

To my daughter, even at her tender age, I have words of blessings for her. Wishes of the best in life. Messages to savor forever. A song that brings tears to my eyes every time I listen and sing along and the message could not be any clearer or more lovely! My darling I hope you dance.

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder,
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger,
May you never take one single breath for granted,
GOD forbid love ever leave you empty handed,
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,
Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I hope you dance….I hope you dance.

What more can I say??? The song says it all!

And to my fiancé, the angel God placed into my life. The day he stepped in was the day my life changed and because of him I am a much better person. No one ever made me happier. I am who I am and where I am honey Because you loved me.

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I’ll be forever thankful baby
You’re the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You’re the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach
You gave me faith ‘coz you believed
I’m everything I am
Because you loved me

Once again, I needless say more as the song’s lyrics captures everything so accurately.

Songs are beyond just a nice sound, but meaningful lyrics hold meaningful messages and infect the mind, body and soul! My entire life is full of song, for every moment and every chapter.

A life without song is a life without color!

What songs does your life sing?

A room with a view or just a view?

The dark slowly turned into light with the glowing rays of the morning sun. My eyelids became light, willingly lifting themselves as they gave way to eager eyes. Effortlessly perched on a fluff of feathers and laying in a halo of morning sunlight, my eyes traced perfect contour lines.

I laid there feasting my eyes on the ultimate porn as my brain and body increasingly became chemically infused. The surge of endorphins created an insane high and my body called out for more!

As my eyes followed the flow of perfection in front of me, I began to reach the point of climax and I struggled to keep my hands to myself. Like delectable dark chocolate, not to bitter not too sweet, evenly balanced and the most divine, my mouth tasted what my eyes had seen.

My eyes reached their destination and my lips spread apart. With a deep, subtle breath my eyelids slowly fell as if to savor the image my eyes had seen.

I smiled in contentment and utter bliss as I would trade anything to always have moments like this.

The perfect view to start my day.

My other half, right next to me he laid.

One day I would be able to experience this everyday but until then right next to you is where I would always long to be and so I zoom through time and space to have this view once more.

Right now, it’s the moment I long for!!

Unlocking my mind


Seriously, I think my mind is way beyond unlocked because it has so much going on at once that I think I need to start locking things away! LOL

It’s 11:20 pm here and I’m only now starting this assignment since this is my free time. My daughter fell asleep earlier tonight, THANK GOD! And so now I can really take 20 minutes to myself just to let go and type my thoughts out. Ready? I hope you are because I’m not even sure where this is going to end up!

To begin, there is something I definitely must say. I hate mosquitoes and flies!! My goodness!! In the Caribbean, there are lots of spaces with overgrown grass also known as “bush”. Of course if you live in the capital and more developed areas you don’t have to worry but where I live mosquitoes are an issue. And as of right now, they are singing tunes in my ears!!

We often have to use insect sprays to kill them but they seem to be mutating and growing immune to all the brands we’ve gone through so far!! It’s THE WORST!!

But on a lighter note, blogging has been great to me thus far and I am grateful for the continuous support from WordPress and those that took the time to read and follow me. This month will mark two months! Yay me!!

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