All I want to do is eat!!!


Many times in life I want to believe that we all experience these moments. Food and/or snacks become the only thing on our mind as our tummies cry out more often than usual or our sweet tooth decides to go out of control.

Whilst I experienced much of this during pregnancy, this is usually the aftermath of eating healthy and working out for a period of time (2 weeks to 1 month or so). Here I am, 5 months postpartum, TRYING to work my ass off to get rid of this belly bulge! I had no problems with my overall weight during or after pregnancy but all of my life I’ve been carrying this punch and after having my beautiful baby I decided it was time it really disappeared for good.

So, I gave myself a deadline and let me tell you, it has not been easy! Trying to reach such a goal while taking care of a baby ‘aint no kind of ramen noodle recipe or instant oatmeal shizzz! It’s make a full thanksgiving meal for the town from scratch all by yourself kind of work! >_< In my opinion, that is not over-exaggerating!

After a few weeks of trying my best to eat clean AND exercise, I managed to eat right most days but I have begun struggling with pushing myself to workout or getting the time! To make things more complicated, my daughter is teething and has become very irritable and won’t go to sleep until 1am!!! So here I am almost running on E. Ultimately I decided that I would not push myself too hard on such little rest until things get better BUT all I want to do now is EATTTT!! stock-vector-a-man-starving-and-eat-everything-114660835

Now, if you’re all about the healthy lifestyle and stuff you would know that eating 5-6 small meals a day is great for your metabolism and losing weight however, once again there is a “BUT”!! All I crave is junk food!!! 😥

The struggle has begun! I am in a mental war!!

Aww hell, I just want a nice plate of chicken alfredo! Or a large slice of pizza from Pizza Hut!

All those on a fitness journey similar to mine and facing such struggles my heart goes out to you. I’m going to have a slice of cake!