First Father’s Day

So, this coming father’s day will be the first for my fiance. He doesn’t see those days as a “big deal” but I place some significance on it. I have some ideas of gifts that I plan on trying to work out this week, secretly and he no, he doesn’t read my blog so I won’t be spoiling anything (that is both good and bad but let’s focus on the good 😉 ).

Anywhooo, I would love to know what suggestions you guys may have or hear about how you celebrated yours/your partner’s first Father’s day.

Not into it either? Tell me why…

Looking forward to some feedback on this you guys! ❤


Amazing love

imagesI carried you for 40 weeks to be exact and it’s been 5 months postpartum but I still find myself staring at you in amazement, holding you like it’s the first time and crying tears of joy when I remember you are mine and will always be mine. Is this part of what makes a mother’s love so strong? Our love and connection is renewed daily and it will never end my love…..

Student, Teacher | The most influential person in my life

my_teacher_my_heroWhile browsing through my reader I saw the student, teacher writing challenge posted by The Daily Post and I just had to give it a read (after all, I am trying to build a better blog daily). Reading it sparked a fire in me and I just had to write.

I am currently in a relationship with someone I would describe as influential, smart, self-motivated, a critical thinker and much, much more! It’s been 3+ years and, as with any relationship, we constantly learn from one another in order to better ourselves as individuals and our relationship. But, it wasn’t always this way for I was first his student before I actively contributed teachings myself.

Before we met and much of my teenage life, I encountered many struggles, centering around my longing for a better relationship with my mom, reaching to lengths of low self-esteem, dependence on others for love and not understanding my self worth.

Not being able to get a hold of myself, I continued to fall, digging myself deeper into my own hole. Looking back I would never blame it on those who hurt me, but on myself for not taking charge and loving myself enough to stop the madness that was going on. After I hit rock bottom and finally had enough, I decided to really make a stronger effort to make my life better through learning to love myself and be happy by myself.

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I told you so

keep-calm-and-do-the-told-you-so-danceEver gave someone advice or told them your opinion on something and felt ignored or that person just didn’t meet your eye on the subject, only for the person to return sooner or later, repeating the exact thing only to repeat it as if they experienced some sort of epiphany and thought of it themselves!???!!

I’m not sure if it’s a male thing or goes both ways but too many times I’ve encountered this in my relationship. Continue reading