1 month progress picture | Insanity

One month of insanity, with it’s ups and downs, along with a 90% healthy diet gave me this body.

progress picture 1

Now, my problem area was and has always been my stomach hence the reason for it being the focal point of the pictures however, once I complete month two I will post a full body picture.

Also, be mindful that I am also a breastfeeding mom. Why is that important? Because, although breastfeeding alone won’t burn your baby fat away, it does influence how much size you lose over time. I do believe that babies can L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y suck you dry! So eat up mamas out there, whether or not you’re slimming down the way you want to, you still gotta make sure you eat enough just like everyone else but salads alone won’t cut it.

Keep it clean and healthy and get down to sweatin’!!


Day 10: Plyometric Cardio Circuit | Insanity

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


I am really proud of myself today because I managed to power through this workout better than the last time. Yes, I took some breaks but I did wayyyy better. Gosh it felt good after!

promo-posterIt’s an awesome feeling to know that you’re improving so I can’t begin to imagine what it’s going to be like when I can do an entire workout without taking additional breaks!

Looking forward to that!!!

Until then, little by little I’m gonna conquer!! I did more push ups but remained the same when it came to the squatting….as I have been saying, MY LEGS ARE SORE!! lol so it’s realllly hard but I tried. Although, it’s not that they’re just sore, I’m seeing a change. They’re tighter and seem to be bulking slowly. YAY!!!!

Onward, my waist is one inch smaller. I didn’t check it when I checked my tummy (around the belly button) so essentially I lost an inch in both places so far. I love it!!

Today I thought I would have left my workout for the evening time since I worked out pretty late last night but I did it this morning and that in itself had me digging deep. I just keep thinking about the beach and a flat tummy while looking at the wall instead of the video so I wouldn’t be discouraged by the time I had left.

Essentially, it didn’t kill me, I’m just becoming stronger and I’m loving every sore and sweaty moment of it!!

Of course who’s glad that tomorrow is Cardio recovery?! LOL I am!!!

Keep it going you guys 😉



Day 9: Pure Cardio | Insanity

Ok so after a long day, I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t get my workout done today BUT!! I put my mind to it and made the time before bedtime. My schedule is whack because of my daughter and her teething phase but I make it work.

Working out at night doesn’t mess with my sleep, I actually sleep much better most times. But thinking about it now, sometimes my body is tired and I just won’t be able to fall asleep… :/ Oh well, I eventually do and what matters most to me is that I worked out! However, I try not to make it a habit. How do I refuel after night workouts? Bananas and almond milk 😀 or maybe some water/almond milk and cashew nuts.

Now to the workout.

I must say I paced through my warm-up pretty darn good even though it wasn’t completely perfect, I did really well in my opinion. I decided to workout in front the TV to try and distract myself mentally so the time passes by faster. So here I was in front the television looking at Chopped on Food Network, trying to dig deep and get the workout done.

It worked, a bit.

The workout itself goes by quickly for sure, but one minute never felt so long!!!!! And I’m beginning to sound repetitive but my LEGS!!! arghh!! All these squat moves are killing me. I gave in a few times for those but my other weakness, the plank position exercises and push-ups, was defeated a bit because I gave it a whole lot of what I could give till my arms gave out!

All in all, I completed day 9 with little sluggishness and I am ready for day 10!! I just got that bikini in my head! Gotta look good in two weeks!!

Week by week, little by little! It’s good to have a weekly or quarterly motivator instead of one for the full 2 months alone. It helps you dig deeper each week and meeting those short goals help you push through the entire thing much better. You see your progress better and feel great about yourself!

Work hard my fellow Insane peeps!! We got this shizzz!!


Day 5 and 6: Pure Cardio and Plyometric Cardio Circuit | Insanity

At 7:40am pure cardio was checked off my list!! Didn’t get up as early as planned but I got it done and that’s the most important part. As I mentioned earlier this morning before I went to bed, I missed day five and so I planned to double it up today. (Good for me right?! lol)

2657116It is what it is, PURE CARDIO! One minute drills of heart-pumping, sweat-dripping exercises. Let me say once more, my sore legs make this sooo much harder! Is it just me? Or is it Insanity? Because I be seeing so many leg pumping exercises that I begin seeing myself with some seriously ripped legs at the end of these two months!

I really look forward to pushing through a workout without feeling like my legs are going to give up but I’m sure everyone’s goal is to be able to go through an entire workout without the numerous breaks.


Push-up jacks – argghh!!

High knees – ah ah ah ah!

Suicide jumps – dafuqqqqqq!! Listen to me, I hate burpees! Changing up the name ‘aint doin’ no good because suicide jumps don’t make ’em sound any better! Either way, they’re the ultimate killers!

I probably took some 20 second breaks (OK maybe more but just for those killer moves) but I know I’m a work in progress so I press on!!

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Around 11pm I really got to get into this workout because of course my daughter decided to cut her sleep short, behaving very cranky, so I had to stop everything and tend to her needs. luckily I only just finished the warm-up.

The second time around however, I did one set of the warm-up circuit and got right into the workout.

This was my second time doing the Plyometric cardio circuit but it didn’t make it much easier. I’m sure I improved but not by anything big. I must say though, being familiar with it, it went by faster which was good lol.

Of course this post is in the wee hours of day seven since I had to tend to my munchkin once more (teething is a killer!!!!) and as usual she’s at the desk with me, nursing this time though. Thankfully, today (day seven) is rest day and as if that wasn’t exciting enough, I LOST ONE INCH OF MY TUMMY!!!!!!! ca5f9ec29a0e6b64b03b0a1ff744eeba

Yes! Results starting from as little as the first week! I LOVE IT! Makes me just wanna keep at it and push harder till the end! Man I’m excited to see a new me!

Screammssss in my mind (baby’s falling asleep)!

For all those who completed week one this week also, congrats! Don’t stop! And to those who haven’t started yet, what are you waiting on?!!!!

Looking forward to a relaxing day today (yeah right! said no mum ever unless her kids were all grown and out of the house lol).



Day 3: Cardio, Power and Resistance | Insanity

DAMN!!! If you’re arm strength is bad you’re going to FEEL THIS!!

From the warm-up alone I was completely out of breath and as the days go by the soreness in my legs just makes it harder but I am determined that I’m going to get to the finish line without missing a day!

This workout had my worst fears when it comes to exercising, heavy on the arms (moves in plank position;push ups etc.) and lots of jumping! My kryptonite! And so I ended up with more breaks than I would have liked but I made it!

Another reason I am in love with Insanity is that it doesn’t require any equipment. When I saw resistance, I assumed that I would need weights or bands but instead you use your own body weight and I love that!

I’m proud that I pushed through even with my sore legs, weak arms and exhaustion. Now every step I take reminds me of my insane journey!!

Am I dreading what is to come tomorrow? Do I intend on taking a rest day?


I look forward to what’s in store for me! (Not excited though lol just determined to push on)


Day 1: Fit Test | Insanity

imagesThe 26th of May, 2014 marks the first day of my 60 day insanity challenge. Recommended to me by a good friend I just had to try it out. At first, I didn’t think about sharing my experience but then I realized that I am more motivated by real life experiences of others, honest depiction of their struggles and more, nothing beats that! I can either be of great inspiration to others from future success or be indirectly motivating another person during my journey so here I go!!

Firstly, let me just say! It never hurts to challenge yourself and don’t ever second guess yourself! If you have been contemplating making a change that will be beneficial to you once you succeed then STOP CONTEMPLATING AND START DOING! There is nothing to lose!

So here goes…

As I predicted, I am not very fit so the results of my fitness test weren’t daunting! But, I do believe I did good!! 😀 yay me!

Here’s the thing, you have one minute to do as much of each exercise as possible by pushing yourself to your max. The good thing about it, it’s just a fitness test that you’re going to do at different times during the course of the 60 day challenge to test your fitness progress. I think that’s awesome!! So don’t get all depressed when you don’t even come close to the numbers the others got.

My results:


I’m being totally honest with you, at the end of the test I was out of breath, lightheaded and soaked!!! However, I was proud of myself for pushing through and the encouragement from Shaun drives you to not give up and keep pushing through even with multiple breaks, you just jump right back into it instead of quitting.

I ended on a positive note, feeling like this was the start of something great and looking forward to day two onward!