Meet the new Mrs.

Here it was, the day of the wedding, but not just THE wedding, it was MY wedding, OUR wedding!

I didn’t know what emotions to expect and could not even begin to anticipate how it would feel finally being married but it was actually happening and to my surprise I was not as emotional as I thought I might have been.

Turns out I’m not as big of a sap as I thought I was!

I was composed and ready to make it happen. Everything wasn’t complete but I didn’t let it bother me.

What could go wrong??? As long as he was there and we were pronounced husband and wife nothing else mattered.

Everyone was hustling, sweating and working, my make-up artiste was running late, guests became lost because the road sign was repainted without it’s name (great timing right! smh), DJ didn’t have some of my songs, my fiance was busy at the venue and I was ready and waiting for my mum to be organized so we could leave.

Jitters yet? Nope! But damn was I hungry! lol

My driver then needed gas and of course the gas station was full! But you guys get the drift, I was late.

However, there was not one bit of panic in me. I just kept thinking about the food….yeah food not the groom! I was that hungry!

But, when I finally got there he was all my eyes searched for. Everyone else became a blur and my face was plastered with smiles. There, at the top of the aisle, was my groom, my fiance, my husband-to-be, the love of my life, my other half, my forever…….

I dreamed about this moment for so long, being in the moment was so surreal! For the first time, I experienced being on cloud 9. I felt, light, overjoyed, calm and satisfied. The ultimate high! This was it!

No matter what the ceremony was like, unrehearsed and a bit long, my mood could not be shifted. And at the moment of I do  confidence never left my side.

Holding the shaking hands of my groom I knew this was the beginning of a new journey. For all the years that I’d known him before and all the time we spent together, all that we’d been through,NEVER have I witnessed nervousness in him and here it was. Emotions flooded in from father-daughter dance into our first dance…simply because I couldn’t be happier. The tears were testimony of that. Our lives were being joined as one, it was never going to be the same, only better!!

For the rest of the day, my heart felt joy beyond measure. Not only did I become a Mrs., I became HIS Mrs. and he, my Mr., husband and wife. Together with our daughter, our family was finally whole.

I could not have asked for a better day, with all it’s flaws, it was the best day of my life!

Four days later and my soul is still in all it’s glee, celebrating, ecstatic and at peace. A weight has been lifted and our new life is in the making.

You know that you’ve found the one when you feel like you couldn’t be happier and then that happiness is increased by that same person. When you thought neither of you could love each other more and then it happens, your hearts grow fonder of each other more than ever before. This is when you know that your love will stand the tests of time because only true love can increase extensively beyond measure without strain.

I have found my true love….


I look forward to what each day has in store for us, may God continue to richly bless our family. This is happiness!


Impartial me 


A room with a view or just a view?

The dark slowly turned into light with the glowing rays of the morning sun. My eyelids became light, willingly lifting themselves as they gave way to eager eyes. Effortlessly perched on a fluff of feathers and laying in a halo of morning sunlight, my eyes traced perfect contour lines.

I laid there feasting my eyes on the ultimate porn as my brain and body increasingly became chemically infused. The surge of endorphins created an insane high and my body called out for more!

As my eyes followed the flow of perfection in front of me, I began to reach the point of climax and I struggled to keep my hands to myself. Like delectable dark chocolate, not to bitter not too sweet, evenly balanced and the most divine, my mouth tasted what my eyes had seen.

My eyes reached their destination and my lips spread apart. With a deep, subtle breath my eyelids slowly fell as if to savor the image my eyes had seen.

I smiled in contentment and utter bliss as I would trade anything to always have moments like this.

The perfect view to start my day.

My other half, right next to me he laid.

One day I would be able to experience this everyday but until then right next to you is where I would always long to be and so I zoom through time and space to have this view once more.

Right now, it’s the moment I long for!!


Amazing love

imagesI carried you for 40 weeks to be exact and it’s been 5 months postpartum but I still find myself staring at you in amazement, holding you like it’s the first time and crying tears of joy when I remember you are mine and will always be mine. Is this part of what makes a mother’s love so strong? Our love and connection is renewed daily and it will never end my love…..

Student, Teacher | The most influential person in my life

my_teacher_my_heroWhile browsing through my reader I saw the student, teacher writing challenge posted by The Daily Post and I just had to give it a read (after all, I am trying to build a better blog daily). Reading it sparked a fire in me and I just had to write.

I am currently in a relationship with someone I would describe as influential, smart, self-motivated, a critical thinker and much, much more! It’s been 3+ years and, as with any relationship, we constantly learn from one another in order to better ourselves as individuals and our relationship. But, it wasn’t always this way for I was first his student before I actively contributed teachings myself.

Before we met and much of my teenage life, I encountered many struggles, centering around my longing for a better relationship with my mom, reaching to lengths of low self-esteem, dependence on others for love and not understanding my self worth.

Not being able to get a hold of myself, I continued to fall, digging myself deeper into my own hole. Looking back I would never blame it on those who hurt me, but on myself for not taking charge and loving myself enough to stop the madness that was going on. After I hit rock bottom and finally had enough, I decided to really make a stronger effort to make my life better through learning to love myself and be happy by myself.

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Live like you l…

Live like you love. May your actions speak compassion and be pure, without condition. Take risks and let positive emotions drive you. Share positive vibes and care deeply. – Impartial Me

When we truly love, we do so without boundaries so why should we live with them? Love is without condition, unbiased and honest; Fills the room with joy and peace. If we all live like we loved (the way love was meant to be) then our lives, and by extension the world, would be a better place.