1 month progress picture | Insanity

One month of insanity, with it’s ups and downs, along with a 90% healthy diet gave me this body.

progress picture 1

Now, my problem area was and has always been my stomach hence the reason for it being the focal point of the pictures however, once I complete month two I will post a full body picture.

Also, be mindful that I am also a breastfeeding mom. Why is that important? Because, although breastfeeding alone won’t burn your baby fat away, it does influence how much size you lose over time. I do believe that babies can L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y suck you dry! So eat up mamas out there, whether or not you’re slimming down the way you want to, you still gotta make sure you eat enough just like everyone else but salads alone won’t cut it.

Keep it clean and healthy and get down to sweatin’!!


Day 16: Plyometric Cardio Circuit | Insanity

keep-calm-beast-mode-on-9Two weeks later I’m finally back at it!! My daughter has recovered from the flu and seems to have amended her bedtime an hour or two earlier 😀 and I’m a bit more settled. With my wedding, yes my wedding, coming up in the month of August I am pumped to get my body in the best shape ever!!

Now, here’s why I LOVE insanity! (another reason to add to the list) After two weeks of no exercising and a horrible diet I’ve managed to keep off the inch I lost on my waist and even keep some condition! I mean, isn’t that great??!! Yes, I was a bit out of it during the workout but wayyyy better than expected.

Currently, I am at 95 lbs which is the lightest I’ve ever been BUT I still have a mushy punch for a stomach and intend on losing it and putting on some lean muscle mass. So my insanity goals are to become fit, gain a flat, toned stomach and build lean muscle.

I am looking forward to some insanely toned legs, a sexy ass, a stomach worth showing off, some calves (I seem to have none), toned arms and feeling awesome on a daily basis!

What a great way to start a new chapter in my life right?? And I mean, after 4 years with my boo it’ll be nice for him to enjoy a sexier me. What woman doesn’t want to feel and look their best; to be a sexy mom and wife! I can’t wait!!

Though, I must ensure that the rest of my insanity journey is continued with the cleanest diet possible in order to gain the greatest results in the space of time left, especially considering my two week lapse. And! Because I had a two week lapse, I’m bypassing my recovery week. This will also ensure that I finish in time for August.

For those of you that are at it, keep at it 😉 Push yaself! Dig deeper everyday!

It feels good to be back!

Beast mode ON!!

Day 15: Fit test 2 | Insanity

Starting where I left off, here I am two weeks later finally posting the results of my last fit test. Now, this was two weeks ago so I was thinking maybe I should have done it all over again to truly reflect my fitness at the moment but then I realized that those results showed my progress after two weeks of Insanity and so why redo it when it’s still an integral part in my progress and reflection.

So, recollecting, I remember going through the test better than the first time around and that in itself felt awesome. I pushed myself, yeah I was out of breath and beat! but I made it.

Here are my results:


Of course, as usual, the power jacks killed me because of the whole squatting thing! It’s damn deadly I tell you!! However, I’m glad I didn’t decrease and really proud of the results overall! I definitely gained some endurance for those two weeks! ❤


Day 10: Plyometric Cardio Circuit | Insanity

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


I am really proud of myself today because I managed to power through this workout better than the last time. Yes, I took some breaks but I did wayyyy better. Gosh it felt good after!

promo-posterIt’s an awesome feeling to know that you’re improving so I can’t begin to imagine what it’s going to be like when I can do an entire workout without taking additional breaks!

Looking forward to that!!!

Until then, little by little I’m gonna conquer!! I did more push ups but remained the same when it came to the squatting….as I have been saying, MY LEGS ARE SORE!! lol so it’s realllly hard but I tried. Although, it’s not that they’re just sore, I’m seeing a change. They’re tighter and seem to be bulking slowly. YAY!!!!

Onward, my waist is one inch smaller. I didn’t check it when I checked my tummy (around the belly button) so essentially I lost an inch in both places so far. I love it!!

Today I thought I would have left my workout for the evening time since I worked out pretty late last night but I did it this morning and that in itself had me digging deep. I just keep thinking about the beach and a flat tummy while looking at the wall instead of the video so I wouldn’t be discouraged by the time I had left.

Essentially, it didn’t kill me, I’m just becoming stronger and I’m loving every sore and sweaty moment of it!!

Of course who’s glad that tomorrow is Cardio recovery?! LOL I am!!!

Keep it going you guys 😉




Bikini body countdown

9 days till I’m gonna be strutting the beach of our beautiful sister isle, Tobago. I don’t know how much my body will improve and it may sound insane but dang it I’m doing Insanity! I must make some good progress!! 3 weeks of Insanity better do me good, I’m working hard for it!!


Day 7: Rest day | Insanity

rest-dayToday felt great! Not no so much because it was a rest day but really because of how I look and feel! Let me break it down to yall:

  1. Exercising makes me feel awesome!
  2. I accomplished my first week of Insanity.
  3. My body is already tightening up.

Even though my legs hurt when I walk and my shoulders are a bit sore, I’m looking forward to week two! My motivation for the next two weeks however, is my upcoming beach getaway in our sister isle Tobago! 😀 Gotta be bikini ready!

Don’t worry I will definitely post some pictures and let you know how it was! If you’ve never been to Tobago or the Caribbean trust me when I say the beaches are beautiful!! The weather is lovely! The people are welcoming! It’s great!

It will be my daughter’s first time on a plane and on the island! I’m super excited for her and myself since I haven’t visited in a while and I love the beach especially their beaches.

I’m extremely excited to see how my body turns out by that time and most of all by the time I’m finished with Insanity. Maybe I’ll go a second round?? Idk but let’s wait till I finish this one first!

Cheers to one week down, another week ahead, a new lifestyle, a new me!

Day 4: Cardio Recovery | Insanity

First of all, excuse my late post. My day has been busy and my daughter just decided that she won’t go to bed so she’s currently here with me as I try my best to get this post published before I just cap out on my bed! Of course this is going to be a battle since she’s teething and everything on my desk is a prospective chew toy in her eyes atm! (Life of being a mom right!) Anyway…

Sore from the days gone by so far I still managed to pull off day four with this insane drive I’ve developed since day one of Insanity. This workout was, as the name suggests, recovery from the cardio work covered. Therefore, the workout was slower paced and full of stretching.

Don’t go assuming that you can consider this a rest day though! It builds a nice sweat and tests your flexibility and balance! Now another reason to fall in love with Insanity! By the end of these two months I am seeing a more flexible and balanced me! Not forgetting to mention muscle strength! My muscles worked hard! Deep, slow squats and lunges with pulses! DAMN! I wasn’t able to hold my positions for long but I pushed through the pulsing!

I’m glad I pushed through my aches and I am so sure that I’m starting to see a difference in my body already! It may be small but it’s something and that makes me even more determined to continue!

Day 5 here I come!! 😀

Oh! I’ve also noticed that my skin looks and feels better! Must be all that sweating! I love it!! ❤